Completed code for the Quickstart - Part 1: Your First JITX Design Tutorial

Also the starting code for the Quickstart - Part 2: Organize a Design Tutorial

defpackage main :
  import core
  import jitx
  import jitx/commands
  import ocdb/utils/generic-components
  import helpers

; Define the shape/size of the board
val board-shape = RoundedRectangle(30.0, 18.5, 0.25)

; Setup the board
defn setup-board () :
  set-board(ocdb/utils/defaults/default-board(ocdb/manufacturers/stackups/jlcpcb-jlc2313, board-shape))

pcb-module lm317a-regulator (output-voltage:Toleranced) :
  pin vin
  pin vout
  pin gnd
  pin adj

  inst lm317a : ocdb/components/unisonic/LM317A/component
  net (vin  lm317a.input)
  net (vout lm317a.output)

  cap-strap(lm317a.input, gnd, 0.1e-6)
  cap-strap(lm317a.output, gnd, 1.0e-6)

  inst output-voltage-divider : ocdb/modules/passive-circuits/voltage-divider(in-voltage, adj-voltage, current) where :
    val in-voltage = output-voltage
    val adj-voltage = tol%(1.25, 15.0)
    val current = 5.0e-3

  net ( lm317a.output)
  net (output-voltage-divider.out lm317a.adj adj)
  net (output-voltage-divider.lo gnd)

; Module to run as a design
pcb-module my-design :
  val target-voltage = tol%(3.3, 10.0)
  inst reg : lm317a-regulator(target-voltage)

  ; Write the board version on silkscreen
  inst version-label  : ocdb/artwork/board-text/version-silkscreen("Version 0.0")
  place(version-label) at loc(0.0, height(board-shape) / 2.0 - 1.0) on Bottom

; Run the code
set-current-design("jitx-design") ;set the directory where the generated output will be placed

; Use a helper function from helpers.stanza (use any helper function here)
; run-check-on-design(my-design)

; View the results