Layout Group

layout-group is used to control the placer in JITX, which arranges our components automatically on our board. The placer will try to place components in a layout group close to each other (with a controllable weighting), and optionally will arrange the layout groups off to the side of the board to make manual placement easier.


pcb-module reg
  layout-group(self) = reg

pcb-module my-module
  layout-group(my-inst) = power
  layout-group(my-other-inst) = test
  layout-group([test-points measure]) = test
  layout-group(load) = layout-group(my-inst)


pcb-module reg :
  layout-group(self) = reg

This statement will apply a layout group to all of the components that are instantiated inside the module reg. Multiple instances of reg will be grouped individually.

layout-group(my-inst) = power Set the layout-group of my-inst to be power.

layout-group(my-other-inst) = test Set the layout-group of my-other-inst to be test.

layout-group([test-points measure]) = test Set the layout-group of test-points and measure to also be test.

layout-group(load) = layout-group(my-inst) Set the layout-group of load to be the same as the layout-group of my-inst.