Enum Statements

pcb-enum is a way to store categorical variables.


Right now we need to use a fully qualified name to define a new pcb-enum. So if we wanted an enum named:


And we're defining it in a package named

defpackage ocdb/components/espressif/esp32-wroom-32

Then the enum needs to be defined as follows:

public pcb-enum ocdb/components/espressif/esp32-wroom-32/Antenna :

All together this is what it looks like to define and use a pcb-enum:

defpackage ocdb/components/espressif/esp32-wroom-32:

public pcb-enum ocdb/components/espressif/esp32-wroom-32/Antenna :

  ; Using the pcb-enum as a type to define land pattern geometry
  pcb-landpattern esp32-wroom (antenna-type:Antenna) :
      Integrated :
        package-y = 25.5
        offset = (25.5 - 19.2) / 2.0
      UMCX :
        package-y = 19.2
        offset = 0.0

Length of Enum

Get the length of an enum

When you create a new enum, called my-enum, Stanza (the language JITX uses) creates a new integer which represents the length of that enum, called my-enum-length.

Just add a -length to the end of any enum name to get its length.