Stackup Layers

The layer statement inside a pcb-stackup declares a physical copper or dielectric layer within the stackup.


  • &lt;HEIGHT> - This is an instance of type Double that indicates the layer's vertical (Z-axis) height in mm
  • &lt;MATERIAL> - This is a pcb-material object that defines the physical material for this layer.
  • &lt;NAME> - This is an instance of type String that indicates the name of this layer.
    • For copper layers, this string will be used in the layer visualizer of the board view.
    • If no &lt;NAME> string is provided then a default set of names will be used:
      • Top and Bottom for their respective copper layers
      • For inner layers, we use Inner 1, Inner 2, etc.


The pcb-stackup statement utilizes these layer() statements to construct the physical board stackup. The ordering of the layer() statements is important and defines the physical layer order.

pcb-material copper:
  type = Conductor

pcb-material soldermask:
  type = Dielectric

pcb-material core-45:
  type = Dielectric

pcb-stackup simple-2-layer :
  layer(0.019, soldermask) ; 0.5mil over conductor
  layer(0.035, copper) 
  layer(1.5, core-45)
  layer(0.035, copper) 
  layer(0.019, soldermask) ; 0.5mil over conductor