BOM Import Data Format

JITX supports importing BOM data for manufacturer names and manufacturer part numbers (MPN) in imported pcb-components. This feature requires generating a jitx-import-bom.tsv in the import data directory.


  • A Kicad or Altium project directory that is ready to be imported in JITX.

Preparing the Data for Import

BOM files must be tab-separated value (TSV) files named jitx-import-bom.tsv. Each row must contain the following information :

Comma separated reference desigators \t Manufacturer Name \t Input 

Example TSV

C67, C75, C146	Samsung	CL05B103KB5NNNC
C69, C176	Samsung	CL21B475KOFNNNE
C71	TDK	C1005X8R2A222K050BA
C72	Samsung	CL21B102KCANNNC
C73, C201	TDK	CKG57NX7S2A226M5
R11	Panasonic	ERJ-2RKF5101X
R13, R17, R139	Yageo	RC0402FR-07120RL
R19, R141	Susumu	KRL6432E-M-R004-F-T
U2	STMicroelectronics	STM32F407ZGT6
U3, U4, U5, U6	NXP Freescale	MPXV5010GP
U8	TI Nat

Move the TSV File into place

The TSV file should be in the directory of the project to be imported.