How to create text on the silkscreen of your board and place that text anywhere you want.

The Text function supports placing an arbitrary string on the silkscreen of your board. You can speficy the font size, the anchoring location, and position of the text.

public defstruct Text <: Shape  :
  string: String with: (updater => sub-string)
  size: Double with: (ensure => non-negative!, updater => sub-size)
  anchor: Anchor with: (updater => sub-anchor)
  pose: Pose with: (updater => sub-pose)

anchor sets the anchor for the text object. i.e. is the origin centered (C), south (S), west (W), east (E), or north (N)? NE, NW, SE, SW are also options.

Text("Sample", 2.0, C, loc(1.0, 1.0))