Closest Standard Value

How to find the closest standard value for a resistor, capacitor, or inductor.

If you've computed the value you need for a resistor, capacitor, or inductor, and now you need to compute the closest normal value to that computed value, you can use closest-std-val.


closest-std-val take a value and a tolerance as input, and return a standard/normal/nominal EIA value you can use to create or query your basic components (resistor, capacitor, or inductor):

; Returns the closest value to v in the tolerance range specified by tol
public defn closest-std-val (v:Double, tol:Double)

Example usage:

  ; get the required resistance, given the input voltage and the desired current
  val computed-resistance = (voltage - typ(vf)) / typ(computed-current)
  ; turn the resistor into the closest standard value resistor by passing in a the resistance that we computed
  val standard-computed-resistance = closest-std-val(typ-value(computed-resistance), 5.0)