The description statement is the optional descriptive field of a JITX object. Use it to store a description of the object for human designers reading JITX, and to make the object easier to find via text search. This description also shows up in the UI, such as the design explorer, to provide more insight into particular components and modules in the design.


description = <String|False>

This statement is optional. The default value will be false in case no description statement is found in a definition.

Any string is a valid description value.

Each JITX definition may have exactly one description statement. If more than one statement is encountered in a definition, then a DuplicateCStmtError exception will be raised.


; We can use string literals to describe a particular component.
pcb-component analog-devices-ADM7150 :
  description = "800 mA Ultralow Noise, High PSRR, RF Linear Regulator"

; We can use string formatting to construct descriptions based on variables
;   or arguments to a JITX Definition
pcb-module band-pass-filter (high-cut:Double, low-cut:Double) :
  description = to-string(
    "Band-pass Filter - Highpass = %_ Hz and Lowpass = %_ Hz." % [high-cut, low-cut]