How to export from JITX into Kicad

We can export a JITX design to a Kicad project that can be opened immediately in Kicad 7.

Before you start, make sure you have Kicad 7 installed.

Set up export-cad

We configure an export to Kicad in our program by first creating a new design in JITX. Then, add the following code to the end of your main.stanza file.


val board-shape = Recatangle(10.0, 10.0)

pcb-board my-circuit-board :
  stackup: my-stackup
  boundary: board-shape
  signal-boundary: board-shape

  layer(Silkscreen("F-silk", Top)) =
    Text("Board v1.2.3", 2.54, C, loc(0.0, 0.0))


set-current-design("jitx-design") This sets the directory where our Kicad project will be created

set-export-backend(`kicad) This specifies that Kicad should be used for export.

set-use-layout-groups() This defines that components should be grouped in the generated layout by layout-group.

export-cad() Run the exporter.

Open Kicad and run the design

Launch Kicad.

In JITX, run a generator that includes the export functions defined above.

A ready-to-use Kicad project will be generated for you in the "CAD/kicad" directory. Open this project. You've now imported a JITX design into Kicad!