The JITX Free Tier is a fully featured, professional tier version of JITX intended for hobbyists, academics, students, and open source project contributors. We plan to make this tier available indefinitely to build the JITX community, allow corporate users to experiment with JITX at home, and to help drive our product development with user feedback and telemetry.

A few important differences between the Free and Open Tier and the Professional and Enterprise Tiers:

  • Designs must be open sourced under the CERN OHL license
  • JITX stores a copy of all designs from the free tier
  • Telemetry added to aid user experience and product development
  • Support is primarily via the JITX Discord Server
  • Native CAD integration is import/export to Altium and KiCAD

If you need a professional or enterprise subscription because your organization needs to protect proprietary designs that you create, your organization has ITAR or HIPAA compliance requirements, requires an air-gapped installation, or has other restrictions on data / telemetry, please contact us to discuss an upgrade, consulting, or custom development of JITX.

You should expect the following from free tier usage:

  • A free tier banner reminding the user of licensing conditions
  • Telemetry transmission during use to aid our product development
  • Design upload to the JITX project store – the CERN OHL license and requirement is necessary

To learn more about the free tier plan, please see our blog.