Troubleshooting your JITX installation

This section details how to troubleshoot possible issues with the installation process.

1. JITX is not on your PATH

jitx: command not found

Add JITX to the PATH variable:

export PATH="~/.jitx/current:$PATH"

In Mac and Linux, add the above line to your environment configuration file (~/.bashrc, ~/.zshenv), and close/reopen all terminal windows, including terminals in VSCode, for the change to persist.

In Windows, type setx PATH "%PATH%;%USERPROFILE%/.jitx/0.11.2/ (replace 0.11.2 with the version on your machine) in the terminal.

Verify JITX is now in your PATH:

$ jitx
Expected a command name.

2. Verifying that your JITX installation is not corrupted

Run jitx check-install to validate that the program matches your system.

$ jitx check-install
installation-type: release
installation-dir: /home/mikedorf/.jitx
version: 0.11.2
target: ubuntu-bionic
current-target: ubuntu-bionic

3. Manual Installation

In the event that installation through VS Code cannot be completed, you can install the software manually.

Download the Software

Extract the launcher and run the installer

unzip -j "jitpcb.release/jitx"
./jitx install-from-zip
rm jitx

Known Issues

Error Opening Webview :

This is a bug in Visual Studio Code.

Closing VS Code and killing the process by running

pskill code

And reopening VS Code may fix the issue.