symbol(my-net) = my-symbol allows to specify a single-pin symbol my-symbol to attach to a net my-net. This symbol will act as a global label, that is to say that all nets bearing this symbol will be electrically connected. The main use-case is power symbols.


pcb-module my-design :
  pin gnd
  pin vcc
  inst C1 : gen-cap-cmp(0.1e-6)
  inst C2 : gen-cap-cmp(0.1e-6)
  net gnd (C1.p[1], C2.p[1])
  net vcc (C1.p[2], C2.p[2])
  symbol(gnd) = ground-sym
  symbol(vcc) = supply-sym


Importing the ocdb/utils/symbols package from the open-components-database repository, the ground earth symbol ground-sym and supply symbol supply-sym can be attached to nets gnd and vcc in this example.