Schematic Group

schematic-group is used to control the organization of our schematic in JITX. The schematic layout engine is allowed to route wires between all of the symbols in a single schematic-group. Wires going between schematic-groups will be broken and have net labels added. The top-level schematic group gets a dotted box drawn around it.


pcb-module reg
  schematic-group(self) = reg

pcb-module my-module
  schematic-group(my-inst) = power
  schematic-group(my-other-inst) = test
  schematic-group([test-points measure]) = test
  schematic-group(load) = schematic-group(my-inst)
  ; Add one symbol unit from a component with a multi-part symbol
  schematic-group(fpga, 0) = power


pcb-module reg :
  schematic-group(self) = reg

This statement will apply a schematic group to all of the components that are instantiated inside the module reg. Multiple instances of reg will be grouped individually.

schematic-group(my-inst) = power Set the schematic-group of my-inst to be power.

schematic-group(my-other-inst) = test Set the schematic-group of my-other-inst to be test.

schematic-group([test-points measure]) = test Set the schematic-group of test-points and measure to also be test.

schematic-group(load) = schematic-group(my-inst) Set the schematic-group of load to be the same as the schematic-group of my-inst.

Multi-part Symbol Components

If using a component with a multi-part symbol, the schematic-group statement can be used to add a single sub-part of the symbol to a particular schematic group.

This is often useful when dealing with large, complex components like FPGAs (see A2F200M3F-FGG256I.stanza). For the Microsemi A2F200 FPGA, the pcb-component defines multiple banks, such as the supply, jtag, and analog banks.

  inst fpga : ocdb/components/microsemi/A2F200M3F-FGG256I/component

  schematic-group(fpga, 0) = power-config  ; supply
  schematic-group(fpga, 1) = sensors       ; analog
  schematic-group(fpga, 2) = power-config  ; osc
  schematic-group(fpga, 3) = power-config  ; jtag

In this example, the second argument to schematic-group is the symbol unit index for the bank in question. The symbol unit index is incremented monotonically for every bank.