The name statement is the optional name field of a JITX object. Use it to store a descriptive name as a String. This name will often be used in the UI in place of the object's expression name for better readability.


  name = <String>

This statement is optional. The default value will be the definition's symbol name in case no name statement is found in a definition.

Any string is a valid name value.


Literal String Names

pcb-component component :
  name = "ADM7150"

pcb-module band-pass-filter :
  name = "Band-pass filter"

The examples name = "ADM7150" and name = "Band-pass filter" use a String liternal for the name.

Formatted Strings

pcb-pad smd-pad (anchor:Anchor, w:Double, h:Double) :
  name = to-string("%_x%_ %_ SMD Pad" % [w,h,anchor])

pcb-landpattern test-lp:
  pad p[1] : smd-pad(C, 0.6, 0.7) at loc(x0,y0)

We can also construct strings using formatting routes and parameter arguments for a particular definition. In this example, the constructed smd-pad name property would be 0.6x0.7 C SMD Pad