Land Patterns

A pcb-landpattern definition represents the geometry that attaches a component to a board. This is known alternately as a footprint, package, or land-pattern.

Here is an example definition for a 3-pin SOT23 pcb-landpattern:

pcb-landpattern SOT95P280X100-3N :
  val x0 = -0.95
  val y0 = -1.0
  pad p[1] : smd-pad(0.6, 0.7) at loc(x0,y0)
  pad p[2] : smd-pad(0.6, 0.7) at loc((- x0), y0)
  pad p[3] : smd-pad(0.6, 0.7) at loc(0.0, (- y0))

  layer(Courtyard(Top)) = Rectangle(3.3, 3.0)
  layer(Silkscreen("f-silk", Top)) = LineRectangle(3.3, 3.0)  


Here is the list of all of the statements you can use in a pcb-landpattern :

copperCreate copper shapes for irregular pads
descriptionDescription for the land pattern
external-namesDefine common names for the land pattern
layersDefine shapes on layers like SolderMask
nameName of the land pattern
padCreates pads you can connect to
viaCreate vias
model3dAssociate a 3D model with a landpattern