JITX Types Reference

This is the reference page for JITX types.

Top Level Definitions

Top-level definitions are subtypes of JITXDef.

public deftype JITXDef <: Hashable & Equalable

public defstruct LandPattern <: JITXDef:

public defstruct Pad <: JITXDef:

public defstruct SchematicSymbol <: JITXDef:

public defstruct Rules <: JITXDef:

public defstruct Material <: JITXDef:

public defstruct Board <: JITXDef:

public defstruct Stackup <: JITXDef:

While most top-level definitions follow this format, components, modules, and bundles have additional types. Instantiables include modules and components, and since they support individual and array representations, they are subtypes of JITXDef and InstantiableType. Bundles are one of three forms that can be declared as a port in a pcb-module or pcb-component. They are subtypes of JITXDef and PortType.

public deftype InstantiableType

;pcb-module and pcb-component
public defstruct Instantiable <: JITXDef & InstantiableType:

public defstruct InstantiableArray <: InstantiableType:
public deftype PortType

public defstruct SinglePin <: PortType:

public defstruct Bundle <: JITXDef & PortType:

public defstruct PortArray <: PortType:

Local Definitions

Local definitions are subtypes of JITXObject.

public deftype JITXObject <: Hashable & Equalable

;Pins of modules, components, or bundles
public defstruct Pin <: JITXObject:

;Land pattern pads
public defstruct LandPatternPad <: JITXObject:

;Symbol pins
public defstruct SymbolPin <: JITXObject:

;Instances of modules or components
public defstruct Instance <: JITXObject:

;Nets of modules
public defstruct Net <: JITXObject:


self is an Instance than can be referenced within a pcb-module or pcb-component to access or modify fields of that definition.