JITX Statements

pcb-boardMetadata of the board itself
pcb-bundleA collection of other top level statements
pcb-checkA check on the correctness of our design
pcb-componentA single device such as an IC or passive element.
pcb-enumA store for categorical variables
pcb-landpatternA component footprint/land pad.
pcb-materialA material for a layer in the stackup
pcb-moduleA single reusable module which may contain other top level statements.
pcb-padA single pad on the physical device/footprint
pcb-rulesFab house rules (tolerances, trace widths,
pcb-routing-structureSingle-Ended Routing Structures
pcb-differential-routing-structureDifferential Routing Structures
pcb-stackupThe stackup for the board
pcb-viaThe via definition and parameters
pcb-structA way to group several related variables.
pcb-symbolA schematic symbol