A pcb-board definition represents a physical circuit board. A board contains a stackup, boundary, signal boundary, and optional layer statements.

Syntax :

val board-shape = Recatangle(10.0, 10.0)

pcb-board my-circuit-board : 
  stackup: my-stackup
  boundary: board-shape
  signal-boundary: board-shape
  layer(Silkscreen("F-silk", Top)) = 
    Text("Board v1.2.3", 2.54, C, loc(0.0, 0.0))


Here is the list of all of the statements you can use in a pcb-board :

nameAn optional string name for the board
descriptionAn optional description of the board
layerDefine shapes on layers
stackupAssociate the board with a pcb-stackup definition
boundaryDefine the shape of the board
signal-boundaryDefine the shape that contains signal layer statements on the board