Example Designs - The JITX Cookbook

The JITX cookbook is a number of systems that we have designed, implemented, and manufactured in JITX. These example projects can serve as reference designs or a template for your next project. Visit the JITX Cookbook repository for a detailed walkthrough of all of the recipes.


Click any of the links below to access a detailed walkthrough of how they were designed in JITX.

RecipeWhat It Can Do
Battery ChargerLiPo battery charger, LDO volgate regulator, USB-C connector, JST battery connector, resistors, capacitors, detailed checks, export to KiCad
USB-C Cable TesterTest points, programmatic parts placement, USB-C connectors, LEDs, coin cell battery, circuit introspection
BLE-mote Wireless IOT Sensor BoardMicrocontroller, pin assignment (supports/requires), parametric design, design optimization, copper pour, net-classes, stackup
Hacking Conference BadgeA software-defined electronics playground - learn JITX by designing your own conference badge