JITX Reference

Reference materials refer to technical descriptions of JITX’s machinery and its operation. Things like descriptions of key classes, functions, and APIs would fall under this umbrella. This includes types, statements, and commands among other things.

  • Types are classifications of circuit board concepts and define their possible values and operations.
  • Statements are pieces of code, often one line each, that together define a design. Statements are what constructs ESIR (Electronic Systems Intermediate Representation) to create designs.
  • Commands are function calls that retrieve information from or modify a design.


  • Commands
    • pins (obj:JITXObject) retrieves all pins in the given JITXObject.
    • set-rules (rules:Rules) assigns a Rules to your design.
  • Statements
    • mpn = "TRS3122ERGER" assigns a component's mpn.
    • port p : pin[2] creates a port with two pins.
  • Types
    • Top-level definitions have types including LandPattern, SchematicSymbol, and Board. They all subtype JITXDef, meaning that objects with these types can perform the same operations as a JITXDef.
    • Local definitions have types including LandPatternPad and SymbolPin. They all subtype JITXObject.